Ayr-Paris Band

Hello all. I'd like you to just bear with me a little longer. I want to share more pics and wrap up with a few more comments.

I want to give a big shout out to Ruth Letson! She graciously allowed me to use her computer during the trip so I could download (upload?) pictures and type with her nice keyboard. We encountered Internet connection problems along the way, but managed to keep things going.

I misjudged the disconnecting of my camera and lost all my pictures! OMG!! However, because I'd been putting them all on Ruth's computer, the pics are all safe! But...Ruth's enjoying an extra week in Ireland with Diane and
won't be back til Sunday. When I
reconnect with her I'll get my pics back and finish my blogging.

All my pics of Iceland are on my camera and I'll get that going soon, too. Just need to get myself organized (and back from my aunt's cottage!!).

So, to all three of my fans (does my sister count?) I will wrap up soon and will move on.

Til then...

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