Ayr-Paris Band

The Golden Circle! What a tour! It took us eight hours to travel around the small, southwestern tip of Iceland (at the peninsula where Reykjavik is). The terrain is very stark, but beautiful. Lava flows are what the ground is formed from. When I get to a computer, I'll share my pictures - you'll need to see it to know what I mean. 

We saw the largest geyser in Iceland. The fun was waiting for it to blow so we could get it on film. It usually erupted every five minutes or so. We were actually quite successful. 

We also saw a huge waterfall (the names escape me right now). There was a stop at the largest geothermal power plant in the world. All residents in Reykjavik get HOT water into their homes from the thermal springs. It's VERY inexpensive. 

One of the coolest things we saw was the rift between the American fault line and the Eurasian fault line. We stood right on the rift and walked around them. Awesome! The rift spreads apart 2cm each year. 

Caught a brief glimpse a volcano far away. The big one that blew in 2010 is very far away. There are two that are long overdue to erupt. There are also a few small earthquakes every week. Cool!

We are here at the wrong time of year to see the Northern Lights. It needs to be dark and clear skies - we don't have that right now. Too bad. 

That's about it for now. I'll wrap things up when I get home. We fly out at 5pm tomorrow - Midvikudagur (that's Wednesday for those who aren't fluent in Icelandic!). 


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