Ayr-Paris Band

This is the end of our trip but not the end of my blogging. If you'll indulge me, I'll write a bit more over the next few days and then wrap things up.

Munich is a great city. Many of us did so much shopping we don't know where we'll put it all! A lot of us bought Birkenstock sandals because they are half price or less here. Some dirndles and lederhosen will also be packed in our suitcases.

We walked around the centre of the city and ended up at the Marienplatz. This is famous for it's chimes and the picture below shows the tower. Everyone stares up as the chimes play and the figures move around. It's pretty cool - a must see.

We played a concert in the middle of the Neuhausstrasse, a pedestrian shopping area. We had to have official police permission to play there. Not only that, we had to have our tour guide introduce our performance and close it. Hmm...interesting. The police officers were quite happy, though, to get their picture taken with a fellow police officer, Dudley. He is wearing an RCMP uniform, if you noticed. 

We finally had another schnitzel dinner. We went to Markt Erlbach, a town that hosted the band back in 1998. Their band and ours did a joint concert (in the hot sun, I might add!) and had a social time at dinner. On the way back to Munich, which was a 3 hour drive, we had a great time on Das Party Bus! "Unicorn!!" (ask me later!)

Here is Mike giving the accordion a try. He didn't sound too ... bad. Really. We need to get that instrument embedded in the band!

That's about it for now. I will try to write while I'm in Reykjavik, Iceland. I'm staying there for three days with a few others, while the rest either go home or to other locations. If I cannot write, be assured that I will continue/finish my blog when I get home. 

It's been fun trying to capture some of the adventures of the band (and Dudley). I hope you have enjoyed following our trip and will consider learning an instrument (triangle anyone?) and get yourself on our next trip.

Until next time,

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