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Reykjavik, Iceland. Beautiful - lava covering the land and yes, they do have trees! Took a boat tour today and saw puffins. They're small birds that have similar colouring to penguins. The puffin is famous here - our tour boat was named Lundi, which means puffin. 

Everything is VERY expensive! We knew that coming in, but it's still a shock to see the prices. We managed to find a reasonably priced burger joint and ate our supper on the waterfront. 

Our city tour took us all over - to neighbouring towns/cities that are all considered part of greater Reykjavik. We went to the President's home - the flag was flying, indicating he was home. Even though there was absolutely no security in sight, we did not pop in for a visit. Reykjavik's crime rate is very low - no need to protect the president. Hmm...

Everyone speaks English here because they learn it in school. That's very helpful when shopping. Television is also all English - a bonus, considering the other countries we visited 
had very few English channels. 

Heading out tomorrow on a bus tour of the Golden Circle. It's an all-day excursion and we'll visit geysers, waterfalls, and maybe get close(r) to a volcano. Oh ya...we have a glimps of a huge glacier out at sea 150 miles away. Neat!

Almost all Icelanders actual DO wear the famous Icelandic sweaters! There are definitely a lot in the shops for sale. I knit them myself, so I'm not going to buy one. The temperature here ranges from 0-23 degrees celcius, with very little snow! So, considering the name of this country, it's not the winter wonderland you'd expect. This summer for them has been rainy and colder than usual. Not a problem if you're prepared for the weather. Oh ya...the wind is wicked! It makes the rain fall sideways. No kidding! The houses have protection on the sides to help prevent damage. 

Oh ya...it is daylight very late here. I'm too tired to see past 11pm, but it is still daylight. Close the curtains if you want to sleep!

OK...I think this is the longest post on my blog so far, but this is a very interesting country and I wanted to share some info with 
you. No pics, as I'm not on a computer to download them. I'll add some when I do my final blogs. 

I'll leave you with the only Icelandic I know so far - tak, which means thank you. 

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